July 20, 2021 Grupo Vifra

Discover our packaging on the international day of fast food

Yesterday, July 19, how could you read in our Instagram profile, it was celebrated the International fast food day.

Fast food welcomes a wide variety of foods. All of them can be prepared and served for instant consumption.

Curiosities: fast food in ancient Rome

We believe that this concept is relatively new but … did you know that fast food was already popular in ancient Rome? There, street stalls were set up where flat breads with olives were supplied. Also in the Middle East the sale of faláfel was typical.

This trend was also followed in Berlin. The first fast food chains emerged in 1939, such as Kentucky (KFC), which prepared fried chickenprepared with spices and aromatic herbs

Healthy fast food

I am sure when you hear “fast food”, unhealthy food comes to mind. We have to dismantle this belief!

It is true that, more and more chains arise healthy fast food o “realfood“. There are many healthy options that can also be considered fast food, ready to serve and take away at take away food stalls, food trucks, street food or places to eat standing up, among others. Meals like veggie burguer, veggie pokes or meat and vegetables fajitas.

Why not cheer up on healthy options like vegan burgers or vegetable-based pizzas? In our blog we have healthy recipes posted. You can read them again in the following links:

Healthy burguer recipe

vegetarian burger

<<Know the recipe>>

Cauliflower-based pizza

pizza with cauiflower base

<<Know the recipe>>

From Grupo Vifra, we hope you enjoy theinternational fast food dayand we offer you ecological and sustainable packaging that is perfect for your food. Do you want to know our take away packaging? Contact us.

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