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InterSICOP 2022: We offer our Panettone molds in three different sizes

The thirteenth edition ofInterSICOP, the main commercial tool of reference for the Spanish bakery, pastry, ice cream, coffee and equipment industry, took place last February. More than 175 companies from six countries exhibited at this meeting point all the innovations that are being launched on the market as a result of innovation, technological changes and progress in each sector. A unique exhibition offer both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Among these companies we were presenting our star products, such astrays and cardboard plates in all their qualities; our parchment capsules aimed at the industrial sector, as well as cellulose, printed and kraft capsules aimedat the bakery and pastry sectors.

We also presented our customers with panettonne molds in three different sizes to assess their possible interest in the market, and the result was overwhelming. Yes, we can happily and proudly say that more than 300 visitors, both from home and abroad, visited our stand. (Colombia, Chile, Slovakia and, of course, from Portugal).


Molds for Panettone

Perhaps this is not the most appropriate time to talk about a mold for a pastry product that is quite seasonal as is the Panettone, its main consumption is at Christmas, but it is possible that many people make it throughout the year. We are one of those people. And if you, who are reading this, also belong to this group of people and are looking for a panettone mold, we offer you several models, from the smallest mold of 100 grams, coulant type, to the largest panettone mold (1000 grams).

These panettone molds are designed in brown color to give it the handmade presentation you are looking for and, of course, the panettone mold we offer is suitable for direct contact with food.


Characteristics of panettone moulds

Panettone moulds are available in three different sizes, from the smallest mould of 300 g to the largest of 900 g, made of 98 g brown glassine paper.

Our panettone paper has a heat resistance of more than 200°C, is resistant to moisture and grease and does not migrate to foodstuffs. They are 100% recyclable and, if instead of a panettone you prefer a sponge cake, we also have baking moulds in different models and colours These items also generated a great deal of interest among the trade fair attendees.


Bakery boxes

Our presence at IntersiCOP this year did not go unnoticed as we told you earlier, as the products we presented at our stand caught the attention of several of the attendees at the fair. Among these products were alsothepastry boxes, andour R&D team has createda new and original design for the pastry boxesthat left no one indifferent. Do you want to know them? Just get in touch with us here:https://www.grupovifra.com/contacto/


In addition, the Agata boxes, Mona boxes, Cup Cake boxes and, of course, our roscón boxes, which are known throughout the sector for their quality and design, also played a special role.


Seehereall models of bakery boxes.


Other items that generated a lot of interest were kraft items, such as our specially designed laminated boxes that are resistant to high-temperature baking of products such as lasagne.



Cardboard trays for food and bakery products

Let’s get on with it! As you know, at Grupo Vifra we have different types of packaging for bakery and food, eco-friendly and sustainable! So at InterSICOP we had many more products to highlight and present as our star product: cardboard trays for food and bakery.

In previous articles we told you that they are the best option for the presentation of your products. Its features include:

  • Disposable: Our cardboard trays can replace the metal trays commonly used in the industry, but as they aresingle-use, they do not require cleaning and disinfection.
  • Resistant to moisture and weight of cakes.
  • Ideal for the presentation of any piece of pastry with a very eye-catching presentation .
  • They comply with the strictest quality and food safety controls.
  • Available in different sizes, shapes and colours to accommodate all types of food.


If you would like more information on any of the products we are presenting at InterSICOP 2022, please contact us atinfo@grupovifra.com.