Grupo Vifra with the sustainable development

Sustainable packaging

Sustainability is the assumption that nature and the environment are not an inexhaustible source of resources, and that their protection and rational use is necessary. At Grupo Vifra we are committed, through our products, to sustainable packaging with the aim of slowing down the advance of pollution, the consumption of resources and guaranteeing quality of life for people and future generations.

We have been committed to sustainability since 1960. From the very beginning, we have been using paper and cardboard – the most environmentally friendly solution for food packaging.

Our product development model focuses on improving sustainable features and choice of raw materials, as well as facilitating the ability to recover and recycle packaging at the end of its useful life. In addition, we offer the consumer efficient packaging that also meets the convenience, safety and functionality that today’s market demands.

We are committed to the Circular Economy, making waste available to authorised waste managers so that it can be managed in a way that respects the environment and minimises its impact.

All of our company’s production strategies are based on a full assessment of the sustainability of raw materials and the generation of paper and board complexes that remain the most eco-friendly solution.

The raw materials used for the production of our articles come from FSC-certified paper and cardboard. The internationally recognised FSC certification ensures the supply of responsibly managed paper, i.e. ensuring the replanting of trees.

Our goals for sustainable packaging

Use recycled materials to reduce the impact on the environment.

Reduce water consumption and optimise the use of raw materials

Decrease the carbon footprint to emit less CO2 into the atmosphere.

Manufacture products that are wholly or largely recyclable.

Use renewable raw materials of plant origin and establish a circular economy.

"Resource efficiency has undoubtedly become a major challenge for manufacturers and consumers today. Will you join us?"