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Sweet potato panellets recipe: All Saints Day

November 1 marks one of the most important dates of the year: All Saints Day. All Saints Day is a liturgical celebration of the Christian calendar that commemorates all the dead. This cult has marked many traditions that, even today, are maintained and carried out every year. Keep reading to discover the origin of the most typical sweets of this date and learn an easy recipe for sweet potato panellets

Origin of the sweets of All Saints Day

Regarding the confectionery of this festival, it should be noted that its originhas to do with the meat abstinence vigil on the 31st. Formerly, on the eve of all the dead, families would come together to pray and eat. Since meat was not eaten, they made up for this lack with candy. That is why the typical food of this festival is so similar to Easteror Lent.

Typical sweets

There are several sweets most consumed on this date, depending on the geographical area. The most widespread are the “buñuelos”, the “pestiños”or the “huesos de santo“. In addition, panelletsare typical, especially in Catalonia.

wind fritters all saints day pestiños all saints day bones all saints day

On the other hand, we see how all these aforementioned sweets share a showcase in confectioneries, pastry shops and supermarkets with ghosts, witches and other characteristic symbols of Halloween, typical of the most Anglo-Saxon party that is celebrated on the night of October 31 to November 1. What customs do you prefer? On this occasion, we are left with the typical panellets:

Sweet potato panellets recipe

all saints day panellets


  • 2 eggs
  • 175 g of sugar (can be substituted for sweetener or, directly, not put anything)
  • 275 g of ground almonds
  • 300 g roasted sweet potato
  • 40 g of grated coconut
  • 20 g of chopped almonds
  • 20 g whole pine nuts


  1. Crush the cooked or roasted sweet potato and add a beaten egg, the sugar or sweetener and the ground almonds.
  2. We let the homogeneous mixture cool for 2-3 hours in the fridge.
  3. Take out of the refrigerator and add the grated coconut, reserving part of it to decorate at the end.
  4. We are forming small balls and we coat them with grated coconut, chopped almonds or pine nuts to taste.
  5. We preheat the oven to 190ºC.
  6. We beat an egg and “paint” each of the balls with a pastry brush or kitchen paper.
  7. We place parchment paper on the tray and place the panellets in the oven for 10 minutes, keeping watch. They must be golden.

Once cooled, they are ready to taste!

From Grupo Vifra we want you to have a happy All Saints Day and a happy Halloween night We take this opportunity for you to visit our products section and learn about the biodegradable products for the packaging and transport of all these delicious sweets and many more. Contact us. We are waiting for you!