Take-away packaging

Sustainable packaging ideal for take away

Special grease and moisture proof packaging for fast food such as hot dogs, pizzas, chips and snacks. We also have containers and boxes for take-away food service, such as lasagne or pasta, which are used for safe packaging and transport.

All our takeaway products can be customised, whether you have a restaurant, takeaway business or for use in transport such as planes, trains, stations or airports.

Takeaway containers, perfect for the following foods:

Coated cardboard food transport trays
Packaging for French fries
Hamburger boxes
Take-away food plates
Take-away food trays
Black trays for transporting the food carrier
Kraft take away food trays
Kraft takeaway plates
Kraft cardboard boxes without window
Kraft take away laminated boxes
Laminated packaging for ready meals
Cardboard trays for fried food