All our cardboard products are 100% recyclable

At Grupo Vifra we offer you a wide variety of packaging for pastry and food: trays, plates, formats and cake bases.

Available in different sizes, shapes and colours to fit every type of food. strong. All packaging is made of material certified for direct contact with dry, moist and fatty foods. It also complies with the strictest quality and food safety controls.

Reducing the environmental footprint. Is everyone’s business! That is why we manufacture sustainable products with fully recyclable and environmentally friendly materials.

In addition, plastic plates, among others, will be banned in Spain from July 2021. Here you will find an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic plates.

Quality makes the difference!

Choose from different sizes, formats and colours of cardboard.

Gold cardboard food trays
Silver cardboard trays
Gold cardboard plates
Silver cardboard plates
Ecological food trays
Gold lace trays
White coated cardboard trays
Black cardboard trays for food use
Gold trays without metal
Kraft cardboard food trays
Customised coloured cardboard trays
Gold-plated baking trays with handle
Gold disc plates for bakery
Smooth-edged discs for cakes
Corrugated edging discs for pastry making
Catering formats
Cake flap formats
Formats for pastry and confectionery
Organic food dishes
Doily plates
Cardboard food plates
Kraft food plates
Cardboard strips for cakes and pastries
Heart formats