All of Grupo Vifra’s food products and packaging have all the guarantees of suitability for food contact, as we have the BRCGS Packaging Certificate in all our plants, thus ensuring our commitment to the quality and safety of our products.

Furthermore, as you will have seen in our Sustainability section, if not, we invite you to do so, we are committed, through our products and food packaging, to the Circular Economy, selecting renewable raw materials, such as paper and cardboard, to produce recoverable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

Our sustainable products: A renewable and biodegradable alternative

Baking cups

At Grupo Vifra we have baking cups for industrial, artisan, bakery and confectionery use with which to give a very special touch to the sweetest pastry products. They are fully customizable! With them, the art of baking becomes even more valuable.

In addition, we also offer a wide range of different models, paper qualities, designs and sizes not only for baking, but also for displaying praline products.


Baking moulds

Moulds for cakes and plum cakes made of recyclable brown micro-corrugated calendered paper and greaseproof virgin fibre paper. They are oven and microwave safe and fully removable.

Bakery boxes

Wide range of boxes for cakes, roscones de reyes, pastries, cupcakes… available in different sizes and standard designs. They are ideal for storing, protecting and transporting cakes or any other food.
In addition, we offer the possibility of personalisation by printing or by printing a new design adapted to each customer.

Round and rectangular doilies

Rolls and doilies for decorating desserts, appetizers, snacks or special events. Available in different paper qualities, sizes and colours.

Cardboard products

Wide variety of cardboard for food: trays, plates, discs, formats and cardboard strips. Available in different sizes and qualities of cardboard. All cardboard packaging complies with the strictest quality and food safety controls, as well as the health regulations in force.


Paper formats and rolls in standard and customisable designs for wrapping food, cakes or bread. Designs and paper qualities adapted to each product need.

Fruit and vegetable packaging

Cardboard trays for plastic-free packaging of fruit and vegetables, manufactured in different cardboard qualities and sizes, depending on the needs of the product: direct contact with foodstuffs, moisture barrier, etc.

Take-away packaging

Made from environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable raw materials. Fast food packaging is grease and moisture proof, suitable for fast food such as hot dogs, pizzas, chips and snacks. Laminated boxes and containers are suitable for packaging all types of food, even dishes with sauces such as pasta or salads.

Wine and cheese packaging

At Vifra Group we offer you new products for the packaging of products such as cheese and wine. We also offer the possibility of personalising all products, by stamping or printing the box with the design of your choice, offering a special service to your customers.

Our packaging is made of environmentally friendly materials and is 100% recyclable!