Openwork rods: Lithium / Opaline / Silver / Gold

The openwork paper stands serve as a stand for your food and sweets. Made of cellulose paper in different diameters and with different openwork motifs for use in bakeries, tea rooms, cafés, hotels, etc.

They can be used on trays or plates to give a very special touch to table decorations.

Choose from different sizes and paper qualities.

Lithium / Opaline / Silver / Gold




Suitable for food contact

Available sizes

Ref.Sizes (mm.)
10100 ø
12120 ø
15150 ø
18180 ø
21210 ø
25250 ø
28280 ø
30300 ø
32320 ø
35350 ø
38380 ø
40400 ø
42420 ø
45450 ø
48480 ø
50500 ø

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