Sustainable and biodegradable kraft plates

At Grupo Vifra we have a wide variety of sizes of our resistant kraft cardboard plates for food and confectionery. They are sustainable cardboard plates for food, with a percentage of plastic in their composition that does not exceed 3%.

We also have plastic-free, biodegradable and recyclable cardboard plates and trays to present your food and sweets in a safe and sustainable way.

In addition, what are the characteristics that an optimal delivery tableware should meet?

✅ Functional.

✅ Lightweight.

✅ Ergonomic.

✅ Easily stackable.

✅ To promote a good presentation of the food.

Our products specifically designed and engineered for take away meet each and every one of these characteristics. Check it out!


Suitable for food contact

Available sizes

Ref.Sizes (mm.)
21210 Ø
25250 Ø
30300 Ø

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