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Wide range of products for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day products

Biodegradable products for cakes, pastries, cakes… everything for special days.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Do you know all our products for this special day?
On this day, 3 May, surprise! What better way to brighten up the day than with a sweet treat.
At Vifra Group we have all kinds of packaging to make a detail a much more special moment:
– cardboard hearts for the support of cakes and sweets.

– heart shapes as a base for cakes.

openwork hearts in the form of doilies to place your sweets and food in the shape of a heart.








– special Mother’s Day themed boxes in different references: ref. 20, 23, 26 y 28.

In addition, this year we have special Mother’s Day themed cardboard boxes with designs to suit all tastes.
If you’re more into simple, linear designs, you’re sure to love our Paris Mother’s Day box.

You may also like our Mother’s Day Heart box model. Its warm tones project passion and vitality.

In any case, our cardboard boxes are the most convenient way to present and transport heart-shaped cakes.

We have several ways to personalise your boxes and bases for sweets and cakes. With the stamping option, personalise with your design or brand in the colours you like best.

If you need information about any of our available products, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Department.

We make it easy for you: we will be happy to help you by any of our means:by email, phone or whatsapp. We would like to inform you about our wide range of attractive packaging products made from sustainable and recyclable materials.

We manufacture packaging products for confectionery and food, offering the highest quality and service for the most demanding customer.

Discover them!

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