April 12, 2021 Grupo Vifra

The man who broke the record. He has eaten 14,000 hamburgers.

Filmmaker George Motz has become a global guru of this food-religion by breaking the record for eating hamburgers. “I go wherever there are people who need to eat a good burger,” he says.

George Motz is a burger nut. In the last 20 years it has gobbled up 14,000 (it goes out at two a day). But rather than eating them, the Long Island-raised filmmaker’s efforts are focused on cooking them. Motz has some highly praised food documentaries.

“I travel the world to spread the word about the authentic American burger,” he explains. Throw a ball of grilled meat on the griddle and sprinkle onions on top, a recipe that dates back to the turn of the last century in Oklahoma. “The onion releases a liquid into the meat that gives it a flavour like no other ingredient does,” says Motz

Motz’sonion cheeseburger is simple and easy to prepare. That is why Motz is cautious about sauces. “Mayonnaise and mustard enhance the flavour of the meat. Ketchup, being sweet, achieves the opposite”.

Some of his followers in networks, restaurant owners, invite him to cook burgers for the clientele for a day. He can be in a breakfast place in Paris, in a restaurant in Copenhagen or in Buenos Aires to smash 1,466 hamburgers, his record in one day. “I go wherever there are people who need to eat a good burger,” he says. Queues form.

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