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Passion for chocolate

Chocolate is good for your health because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Science has seen that a substance that is produced in sex is also in chocolate. International Chocolate Day is celebrated this Friday.

How we love chocolate. It is certainly addictive. And it is not literature; it is scientific fact. The list of the most addictive foods always includes chocolate, along with potato crisps, biscuits, cheese and soft drinks. But chocolate, with little sugar, is healthy, which not everyone on this list can say.

There are many false beliefs about chocolate, as the Aztecs called it, such as that it promotes acne, increases cholesterol, causes addiction or that it is only consumed in winter. On the contrary, eating chocolate gives us pleasure. In fact, science has seen that a substance that is produced during sex is also in chocolate. But chocolate also has health benefits.

Recent studies have shown that chocolate has a positive influence on human health due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This includes lowering blood pressure and improving insulin sensitivity. According to scientists, the urge to overeat this sweet and fatty product is due to an unexpected part of the brain and its production of a natural, opium-like chemical. Chocolate thus creates a ‘healthy’ addiction, but an addiction nonetheless.

This Friday is International Chocolate Day and Spanish chocolate producers can rejoice. After several years of stagnation, consumption is picking up. According to data from the Produlcproe barometer, chocolate consumption in 2018 in Spain grew by 3% (cocoa and chocolate products), with bars being the star product in terms of turnover and soluble and cup chocolate in terms of volume. What to pair chocolate with Chocolate can be paired with almost any other food. Carlos Mayor (Chocolates Clavileño) recommends “with liqueurs, any fruit and cheeses”. Karem Molina (Flor D’KKO) stresses that “with everything from the most traditional, such as nuts, to spices such as salt, pepper, cardamom, turmeric and even cold meats such as cured hams or cheeses”. Ángel Amador (Trapa) is committed to pairing chocolate with “a good wine or fruit”.

According to Produlce, turnover in the Spanish cocoa and chocolate industry grew by 3.6% and reached €1,492 million in 2018. In volume terms, cocoa and chocolate production increased by 2.6% this year to 87,000 tonnes, thanks in part to a boost in exports.

According to its data, it is the cocoa and chocolate category that is consolidating its position as the “locomotive” of the national confectionery industry, by achieving “strong and balanced growth”, with positive figures in terms of production, turnover, exports, domestic consumption and employment generation.

Spanish exports grow by 2.6% and reach 353 million euros. France, Portugal and the United Kingdom are the main destinations for Spanish chocolates. They are also being well received in new markets such as Morocco and the United States.

Don’t resist the temptation.

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