April 12, 2021 Grupo Vifra

New laminated takeaway packaging

Recyclable laminated kraft boxes for packaging all types of food, including sauces and liquids.

The new lockable boxes with watertight flaps allow you to take your food with you wherever you go, as well as heating it in the microwave or oven. The material is certified for use in direct contact with all types of food.

With these boxes you won’t have any spills when it comes to food with sauce. Moreover, as they are laminated on the inside, they keep the food warm. The size of the box is 142 x 110 x 70 mm, ideal for one portion.

We also have another reference of kraft laminated box, with dimensions of 180 x 120 x 49 mm and lid with closure. Get to know him!

A world of possibilities!

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