April 12, 2021 Grupo Vifra

New challenges

We are back with new challenges!

After the summer holidays, we are back with a month full of news in September.

We want to continue working on new products that meet the needs of our customers, at the height of what the market demands.

The most prominent challenges relate to carton packaging to replace blister or plastic packaging on the market. In some cases, we propose to replace 100% plastic packaging with sustainable packaging made of laminated cardboard, with only approx. 3%. plastic. In many other cases, we have types of cardboard with physical characteristics such as moisture barrier, grease barrier or even suitable for use in ovens and microwave ovens.

The point-of-sale challenge: reducing the use of plastics | Direct Marketing

We have a wide range of materials that, together with intelligent packaging design, result in competitive green solutions.

Visit our product section for more standard products. You can also contact our Sales Department to solve all your doubts and guide you in the search for the packaging you need. We will be happy to help you by any of our means: by email, phone or whatsapp. We would like to inform you about our wide range of products for attractive packaging made from sustainable and recyclable materials.

Some of our products:

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