April 12, 2021 Grupo Vifra

Lasagne packaging

Lasagne packaging

We have a new special product for the packaging of pre-cooked meals that require oven and/or microwave.

It is a packaging made of virgin fibre kraft board with a PET inner laminate, certified for use at oven temperatures and for contact with all types of foodstuffs, whether fatty or dry.

In addition, it is a fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable packaging, under European standards that endorse it.


It is undoubtedly a perfect packaging for “take away” or ready-to-warm-and-eat food, replacing any other plastic packaging on the market.

The sizes are fully customisable. We adapt the packaging to your needs.

Custom printing option available. Customise the product with your brand!

If you need information about any of our available products, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Department.

We make it easy for you: we will be happy to help you by any of our means:by email, phone or whatsapp. We would like to inform you about our wide range of attractive packaging products made from sustainable and recyclable materials.

We manufacture packaging products for confectionery and food, offering the highest quality and service for the most demanding customer.

Discover them!

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