April 12, 2021 Grupo Vifra

Covid-19 Easy Protector

In view of the health emergency caused by Covid19, at Vifra Group we wanted to do our bit in the fight against this pandemic. We have joined “escudocovid19.org”, a grassroots, non-profit initiative aimed at designing, producing and distributing Covid19 protection material.

What is the project about?

It is a digital platform where suppliers of raw materials, tools, production centres and logistical means supply, manufacture and distribute the (open) design of a face shield for the sectors involved in the fight against the pandemic.

ShieldCovid19 is a face shield manufactured by die-cutting 0.5 mm PETG.

Our work

On our side, after receiving the necessary material (0.5 mm PETG), our staff is working non-stop on the die-cutting of the screens thanks to our cutting plotter:

Subsequently, our staff proceeds to assemble them:

Disinfection instructions

Before using this shield it is advisable to clean it thoroughly (both the fastening strap and the screen). To carry out the cleaning, it is recommended that:

1º) Wash the two pieces that form the shield very well with water and household detergent/soap such as Fairy for example, for at least half a minute. Use cold-warm water.

2º) To ensure a good cleaning, it is recommended that after the previous step, the shield is cleaned with a mixture of water and bleach (RABBIT type) for at least one minute. A possible indication for the preparation of the mixture would be as follows:

-Take 20 ml (a couple of tablespoons) of household bleach, no matter what brand (if you overdo it, no problem).
Pour it into a 1-litre bottle.
-Fill the bottle to the top with tap water.
-Close and turn several times to mix.

3º) To remove the remains of the bleach, rinse the shield very well (wash it abundantly with cold water). Do not dry with hot air. If possible with a disposable paper (napkin type) and then throw the paper in the trash.

Our donations

From Grupo Vifra, we want to send as many shields as possible to hospitals, health centres, old people’s homes, pharmacies, food establishments, Guardia Civil, etc., in La Roda and the province.

First deliveries at the Hospital de Alcázar de San Juan.

Villarrobledo General Hospital.

Albacete General University Hospital.

Who can join?

This initiative can be joined by both companies and individuals who can help in any of the following activities:
  • Supply raw material (PET-PETG 0.4-0.5 mm)
  • Supply tools (dies)
  • Production sites
  • Logistical partners

If you want to join, go to the following link: join the ShieldCovid19.org initiative.

Thanks to all the sectors that are working and exposing themselves to this great struggle.

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