October 16, 2021 Grupo Vifra

World bread day: get to know our products for packaging

Every October 16, World Bread Day is celebrated. It has its origins in 2006, when the International Bakers Federation (UIB) wanted to begin to recognize the value and history of one of the oldest food products in the history of mankind.

world bread day

Bread is a basic product in every home, an essential product in many of the meals in most homes. It combines perfectly with any type of food, whether salty or sweet. It serves as a support for sandwiches or toasts or simply to accompany each meal. How many love it and how many hate it?

Is white bread overrated?

With the appearance of new movements that promote real food (“realfood”), the value of bread has been stigmatized, blaming that, supposedly, the consumption of refined flours (present in most white breads), can cause an increase in blood glucose levels.

In parallel and in line with the above, the consumption of products made with wholemealseems more interesting, because they contain a greater amount of fiber. This macronutrient takes longer to digest, providing greater satiety. By eliminating fiber (which happens with “white flours“), they are digested and absorbed faster, causing us to be hungry again sooner.

Whether or not we share the advantages of whole wheat bread compared to white bread, what is clear is that, in our diet, real food has to prevail, the less industrialized, the better. In this way, we will be avoiding many preservatives, additives, colorants and excess sodium and sugar, all of them uninteresting nutritionally. The best option is to buy the bread in artisan ovens.

The value of local bakeries

There is no doubt that it is much more interesting to buy bread in bakeries that make it on the day, due to the quality of the ingredients and the type of process and fermentation. Industrialized breads from large supermarket chains are usually kept frozen and baked at the point of sale, so we are not consuming a fresh and recent product as is the case with artisan bread.

In addition, acquiring it in bakeries or specialized stores, we will be supporting local businesses.

Our bread packaging products

Manufactured with 100% virgin fiber, we have paper reels of different sizes in white, kraft, standard printing, custom design and counter reel holders to facilitate the preparation of bread and take-out food.

Our paper suitable for food contact is a very versatile option, responsible with the Environment, economical and with the possibility of differentiating your products from the rest.

Blank, kraft, standard or custom paper rolls

Perfect paper rolls for pastry

Custom paper reams

Customised food wrapping paper

In addition to reels and reams, we have other qualities of paper such as greaseproof, ovenproof, etc. Discover them: Paper for food.

At Grupo Vifra we encourage you to enjoy World Bread Day. We have all kinds of packaging for food. Contact us.