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International chocolate day: origin, benefits and curiosities

Every September 13 of each year the international chocolate day is celebrated. Do you know why this day is celebrated?

Keep reading our post to learn more about the celebration of this day. In addition, we will reviewthe most interesting benefitsit brings us.

Origin of world chocolate day

international chocolate day

The origin of the most precious sweet is due to the commemoration of the birth of the writer Roald Dahl, the author of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, that strange character that Johnny Depp played in the cinema, Who does not remember? This day was established in 1955.

Chocolate was discovered by indigenous people by accident. Researchers believe it was discoveredmore than 3,000 years agowhen indigenous people in Central America made beer from the pulp of cocoa pods.

Chocolate brings many benefits to your health

Cocoa, especially the pure and bitter, has very interesting nutritional substances, which favor theprevention of different ailments, even improving our skin, among many other benefits, as long as it is consumed in adequate quantities.

Pure cocoa, without adding anything else, has flavonoids, known tofacilitate the dilation of the kidney arteries, facilitating thesupply of nutrients and oxygen that reaches the organs. In addition, flavonoidshelp protect tissues from oxidative stress, or what is the same, help prevent premature aging of cells.

Dark chocolate helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, according to studies from Harvard University. Other associated benefits are that it reduces the cholesterol known as “bad”, reduces blood pressure and improves the transit of intestinal flora.

Some curiosities

world chocolate day

  • Did you know that Germans are the main European consumers of chocolate? According to a study, Germans consume 11 kg of chocolate per person per year, being the average consumption in Europe of 5 kg per person and 4.5 kg on average in Spain.
  • Before the arrival of the Spanish to America, chocolate was used as currency. It was cultivated in the lands of the nobility, which facilitated its use as currency.
  • Chocolate melts at 34ºC, just at our average body temperature. Therefore, it is not surprising that it melts in our mouth.

Without a doubt, chocolate conquers palates, in addition, consumed in adequate proportions and in its purest version (from 75-80% cocoa), it provides health benefits. What more could you want?

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