July 6, 2021 Grupo Vifra

End of single-use straws, swabs, plates and other plastics?

Spain does not adapt in time the European Union directive that provides for the prohibition of single-use plastic products.

Through this law, the entry into the market of plates, cutlery, straws, cotton buds and containers for fast food made of expanded polystyrene (white cork) in the whole of the European Union since last July 3 of this year. However, in Spain, the implementation of this law is expected.

Spain does not adapt the European directive in time

Although single-use plastics have been in the eye of the hurricane for years due to their serious impact on the environment, the single-use plastics directive has not yet been transposed into the Spanish legal system.

While in the rest of Europe from July 3 they must comply with the prohibition regulations, in Spain we will have to wait. The community directive, approved in 2019, is intended to prohibit, reduce or require the marking of plastics for their environmental impact.

The Government justifies the delay due to the Waste Law, which has been subjected to administrative procedures until the incorporation of the tax on dumping and incineration.

The affected products

The single-use plastics ban affects drink straws, cotton buds, plastic plates, plastic cutlery, drink stirrers, and plastic balloon sticks. In addition, food containers made of expanded polystyrene (known as white cork), used for take-out food such as hamburgers or puppies, are prohibited. The ban also affects products made with oxodegradable plastic, which have additives that cause it to break into pieces and not degrade.

What happens to the products that are already in the distribution channel?

You can continue to see single plastic products on the market, only those that have been put on the market before July 3. According to the Spanish Association of Plastics Industrialists (Anaip), products entering the market are prohibited but the storage of distributors or wholesalers can be liquidated while stocks last.

Yes there are mandatory requirements

Although the ban has not entered into force in Spain, there is a requirement to identify and mark some critical plastics, incorporating consumer awareness messages for correct use.

These products are: wet wipes, glasses, tobacco butts and compresses, which must have printed messages or stickers that warn that they must not be disposed of irresponsibly.

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