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About Grupo Vifra

More than 60 years creating eco-friendly and sustainable packaging

Our history

We are one of the leading producers of paper and board food packaging in Europe. Vifra Group has more than 60 years of experience in the sector, we have experienced rapid growth due to our large production capacity and our large permanent stock warehouse.

Since our origins, we have been committed to the manufacture of sustainable products, produced from environmentally responsible raw materials and in search of competitive plastic-free products.

We work to provide our customers with high quality packaging solutions and with all the guarantees of Food Safety, through a committed and qualified team. All our products have all the guarantees of suitability for food contact as we have the BRCGS Packaging Certificate in all our plants, thus ensuring our commitment to the quality and safety of our products. We are also committed to the Circular Economy, selecting renewable raw materials, such as paper and cardboard, to produce recoverable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

We offer solutions for all types of packaging

From prototype to final product

Why paper and cardboard packaging?

At Grupo Vifra we value everything that cardboard and paper packaging can offer our customers: to protect their products in a sustainable way and to facilitate differentiate yourself from the competition thanks to the infinite possibilities of personalisation, finishes and the quality of information that can be displayed on printed packaging.

In order to be able to give shape to all of the above, the most modern and innovative technology and control of the production process is required. For this reason, we have all the processes available in our facilities: laminating, paraffining, flexo printing, offset printing, die-cutting, folding, stamping… This allows us to give shape to all the challenges that our clients entrust to us.

Company certification

Certified in BRCGS Packaging Materials, we are committed to the care in the designs, the demanding quality of the materials used and to offering the best service and the greatest capacity to respond to the challenges that our clients demand. All our plants are BRCGS certified, guaranteeing the food hygiene of all our products throughout the entire production chain, from the selection of raw materials from certified suppliers to the delivery of the product to the customer by means of safe and innocuous transport.

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